The “Best of” Commercial Construction, Elevate the Industry

As the finale for Season 3, Dave decided to compile excerpts of interviews and solo efforts during the first 3 seasons into a single episode, the “Best of”. These clips embody the main reason behind the podcast; “to enlighten everyone from owner to intern, through interviews of industry leaders and solo efforts about all aspects of the business, so you can make the best decision about where you want to go in the industry and how to get there”. Dave hopes you enjoy this episode and are inspired to revisit some of the full episodes and listen to the ones you may have missed. Dave send thanks to everyone who contributed to the over 40 episodes and helped make it so special to so many.
He intends to do another “Best of” next season as there is so much good content to be shared. As always, please rate, review and comment on the podcast. Visit Dave’s website at and leave a message.

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