Interview with Charbel Tagher Season 3 Ep 9

Charbel has evolved STI into a leading company that provides passive fire protection in commercial buildings throughout the world. You may not see it but there are products making up tested systems built into the building that are designed to keep smoke and fire “compartmentalized” for a specific period. STI focuses on only firestop and has by far the most tested systems in the industry. Charbel explains how his company has realized, often through catastrophic events, just how important that “Life Safety” issues is. Subsequently, his company has dedicated itself to keeping both people and property safe.

Charbel tells his story, which is both interesting and inspiring. From his roots overseas, he discusses the role of his parents – an amazing story – and how it helped shape him from his early days to now. He offers “fatherly advice” when asking “do you want to be the person in the cubicle, or the person running those people”, all in a very candid way. He describes how one’s goal relates to their basic happiness.

Lastly, he describes how he developed STI, called by many, “A Company with a Soul”. This is a truly inspiring interview with a unique entrepreneur. For owners, you can learn about building a successful, sustainable culture, one that is invigorating to all that work there. For everyone else, where can you get to know the story behind Charbel and STI? Listen to this podcast…

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