Interview with Brian Perlberg Season 3 Episode 6

Brian, a nationally recognized construction attorney and association executive, is a perfect fit for our audience. He understands the nuances of the legal and practical side of being in the construction business and explains them in a way that is both understandable and usable.

Brian discusses the first thing every manager should do when getting a contract and he calls it “RTFC”… he details the basic issues subcontractors face in the litigious society we live in. He talks about how different project delivery methods as well as increasing technology impact risk. Brian details certain “showstoppers” and defines “Force Majeure” and its place in the industry today. 

Brian also offers his perspective as the Executive Director of ConsensusDocs, a revolutionary way to review contracts and how to use it. 

Whether you’re an owner, executive, manager or intern, this is a very informative interview on the legal side of our industry. I know I was smarter after it and know you will be too!

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