Interview with Brian Gibbons Season 3 Episode 8

Dave has been after Brian now for two years for this interview because he knew it would be special. Brian, the driving force behind the extremely successful development company, opens up about the many challenges and successes he has encountered for more than 25 years in business. Brian explains how he got into the business and shaped it into a “brick and mortar” giant in a time when online shopping seems to be the future for most retailers. He explains how his business works and the impact of financing. He believes that because of Covid 19, the industry will be stronger for local shopping malls affiliated with a residential lifestyle. Brian talks about his former partner, the opportunity he was presented with and the things that he learned most from him.

Brian has never forgotten where he came from and attributes much of his success to his parents and siblings. The backdrop of this is that Brian is “grounded”, a devoted husband, father of six and a long-time friend to many when others attaining his level of commercial success often lose themselves. He is the real deal.

For all you owners out there, and for everyone else striving to make your mark in whatever you do, this interview is something you don’t want to miss.

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