Elevate The Industry- Profile, Dave Procida (Episode #1)

Dave Procida, host of the new podcast series “Commercial Construction, Elevate the Industry” shares his experiences in all phases of commercial construction. His personal insight and interviews with industry leaders will help everyone from owner to intern, better understand the industry by seeing it through the eyes of those who continue to shape it. This powerful combination of real-life information will empower you to create your best path forward in the industry.

In Episode 1, Dave shares his story that includes almost 40 years in commercial construction and sets the stage for the podcast series. He will demonstrate why this will be a valuable podcast for everyone in commercial construction. You will get to know Dave through his story; the influence of his early years, going from teaching to sales to business owner and beyond. He describes the events that have shaped him both personally and in business. He reveals key decisions and how they impacted his path in the business. From key considerations that include starting, growing, managing, and selling a business – all things Dave has done will be covered on a high level. Subsequent, individual episodes will drill down into the details of the fundamentals of a successful business. Learn from Dave’s and other industry leaders’ experience and build it right, avoid the avoidable, and move forward in the business.

Look at this podcast as an entertaining form of continuing education, on your schedule, from people who have been through it…. Together, we can “Elevate the Industry”.

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