Interview with Vic Verma (Season 2 | Ep. 2)

Vic Verma is a true example of how one can achieve the “American Dream”. Born in India, Vic came to the US at the age of 25. He talks about how he went from a self-described “Grunt” to becoming what I describe as the  most successful owner of a commercial insulation and waterproofing company in the country. Vic shares how important his team is and how their success is a cumulative effort. He knows that sharing credit with key staff for wins along the way has been a huge part of his success. Vic details how the business is built today, the impact of the recent sale to a large public company, as well as personal influencers in his life. He describes in detail some mistakes he made and offers guidance for all wanting to move forward in commercial construction.

In my Season 1 Promo, I discussed that I will be doing interviews with industry leaders whose stories will be inspiring and empowering. When I get to the part “even people who emigrated to this country, chose commercial construction, and killed it”, it was in reference to Vic. An incredible man whose story will inspire you to reach new heights.

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