Elevate the Industry- Interview with Michael and Liam Coakley, Co-Presidents, C. J. Coakley Company, Inc. (Episode 10)

Dave interviews the two key drivers of one of the most respected contracting firms in the DC area. The 58 year old company, started by its founder, their father, Cornelius Coakley originally focused on the plastering trade . They reveal how  the business evolved from the plaster trade to becoming a leading provider of all interior and exterior services. They discuss the challenges of being 3rd generation owners and how good people, combined with a firm financial foundation, continue to grow and prosper.

Leadership is earned, not given and each relates their personal thoughts on both people and process. They discuss their investment in prefabrication and how it differentiates them in the marketplace. The discussion goes from business to family, the impact of their parents through the formative years to their sister, Maria Coakley David, CEO and CFO who keeps them grounded and focused.

Whether you’re an owner, intern or anyone in between, you will be inspired by their story, which has many chapters left to be written.

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