Elevate the Industry- Interview with Marcus Jablonka (Episode 5)

Marcus Jablonka, Vice President Operations and Marketing at Dorken Systems, Inc. is a leading international “Building Science” professional. Marcus’ technical knowledge combined with his marketing background offer a unique perspective on the evolution of foundation moisture protection and drainage systems, as well as air and moisture barriers in high-performance construction. His explanations are thorough, easy to comprehend and useful for all at the contractor level.

In this interview, Marcus provides his insights into what matters to you; the science behind how building envelopes are designed today and how his company, Dorken Systems, Inc. has evolved to meet those needs. Get to know Marcus personally and learn about his growth within the company, from a shop manager to a Vice President and highly recognized author and presenter on these subject matter. 

The Podcast will help you understand how the industry is seen from the eyes of a manufacturer and will prepare you for industry changes in the future.

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