Elevate the Industry- Interview with Kevin Kennedy and Joe Bazzano of Beacon Exit Planners (Episode #3)

Dave Procida, host of the new podcast series “Commercial Construction, Elevate the Industry” shares his experiences in all phases of commercial construction. His personal insight and interviews with industry leaders will help everyone from owner to intern, better understand the industry by seeing it through the eyes of those who continue to shape it. This powerful combination of real-life information will empower you to create your best path forward in the industry

Episode 3: In Episode 2, Dave walked you through the nuances of selling your business with focus on “External Sales”. In this episode, Kevin Kennedy and Joe Bazzano focus on “Internal Sales”, selling your company to insiders. Kevin and Joe are best selling authors and nationally recognized speakers on the subject. They focus on the “how to” sell to your staff, maximizing owner proceeds while minimizing impact to the company.

Look at this podcast as an entertaining form of continuing education, on your schedule, from people who have been through it…. Together, we can “Elevate the Industry”.

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