Interview with Joe Wolf Season 3 Episode 2

Every business, regardless of the industry, must navigate the world of risk management. In commercial construction, Property Casualty insurance is a “must have”, not only for the protection of the company assets, but also for clients to even consider you for the project award.

In this episode, we are fortunate to have Joe Wolf, the Sr. Vice President Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. Alliant is a full-service broker with over 7,000 employees nationally. Joe details how this company, with its broad base, can help him as a broker help you understand exactly what coverages you should have and how to get the best value from an insurance program.  

Joe is a very successful and well respected broker and shares his thoughts about being “appropriately covered” in todays’ construction market, neither under or over insured. He explains the basic types of coverages every business should have. He details the levels often required by the clients and shares his personal experiences with stories of those who were not covered adequately and the resultant unintended consequences. 

He describes how the business works so regardless of your level in the company, you will understand this often-overlooked issue.  Joe talks about the need for the owners to challenge your current insurance broker, even if you have a strong relationship, as it will be in the best interest of your company. In either case, you will understand what a good broker should provide for you. 

Insurance is not sexy but is essential when managing the risk we face every day in this business. Those who understand and embrace it won’t be one of the unfortunate companies who were improperly insured.

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