Interview with Don Fries Season 3 Episode 3

Don Fries who is “here to help”, shares his thoughts on what a good coach provides to those who want to improve their life. He believes that the coach, different than a mentor or consultant, allows the client to lead and reinforces why it needs to be that way. Don talks about the stigma that too often inhibits people to engage a coach – a specialist trained to work with people to achieve the goals that they establish. Don uses his experience to highlight issues encountered by those at all levels in business. He discusses practical steps to take when considering change and makes a strong case to engage a coach.

Don talks about the differences in how one sees social issues. He describes what is important to the younger generation and how this can be either shielded off or embraced by the people senior in both age and experience. He describes how good leaders “know what they’re good at and know what they don’t know”.

Don engages those considering retirement and breaks down the things that are – or should be – considered by them. He discusses the issue of “relevance” and how it concerns many who have their work as a big part of their perception of “value”.

Don has a strong sense of self, a result of countless interactions with others over the years and through his own self-reflection. He makes it easy to trust him and what he says. By listening to his interview, you will be motivated to become a better version of yourself and one path to achieve it.

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