Elevate the Industry- Interview with Dominick Baruffi (Episode 9)

Dave interviews long-time friend and business associate Dominick Baruffi, Co-Founder and  President of Jersey Panel Corp., a prefabricated exterior wall manufacturer. For over 30 years, JPC has provided prefab exterior walls to owners and contractors in the Mid-Atlantic market. Many iconic projects, including several NYC, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City highrises were done by JPC.

In this episode, Dominic walks us through the history of JPC and how it was spun from necessity. Once heavy in plaster application, a prefabricated unit called drywall dramatically changed their business. Dominick describes how one interior prefab unit forced them into producing prefabricated exterior walls.

Throughout the interview, Dominic describes the benefits of prefabrication including schedule savings, manpower and scaffold reduction, improved QA/QC, lean building practices, and much more.

Most recently, he became the Executive Director of Sto Panel., a national affiliate group of manufacturers. He passionately describes how the construction business needs more collaboration, something the Sto Panel affiliate group offers. How, under one banner, all affiliates enjoy the best practices of the group, minimizing the dreaded learning curve.

Most of all, you will feel his passion for the business and how he is fiercely loyal and appreciative of his brothers in the business.

If you’re in business, especially a family business, considering prefabrication in any form, or simply enjoy learning about those making a mark in the industry, you don’t want to miss this.

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