Interview with Brian Turmail (Season 2 | Ep. 1)

Brian is the Vice President of Public Affairs and Strategic Initiatives at Associated General Contractors of America. The “AGC” is over 100 years old, has 27,000+ members and is the largest trade organization for subcontractors as well! In the interview, Brian outlines the role of the AGC in support of commercial construction including advocacy, training, networking and more. He discusses how AGC had influence in keeping construction “Essential” through COVID-19, changes in PPP and other current legislative issues. He talks a lot about future trends in the industry, including a five year look-ahead. He also discusses how construction is unique among businesses and things he hopes do not change. Throughout the interview, Brian’s energy and passion are only exceeded by his “stories” he relates so well that make this interview so enjoyable. I have been in the industry for 40 years and Brian empowered me with information and inspired me with his outlook.

He is so well informed and has a very interesting perspective that will be valuable for everyone from “Owner to Intern”.

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