Elevate the Industry- Interview with Beatriz Banchs (Episode 6)

Beatriz Banchs, Vice President of Component Assembly Systems, Inc., a leading walls and ceilings contractor in the US, continues to make her mark in the male dominated commercial construction industry. As head of preconstruction for Component, Beatriz has orchestrated the successful pursuits of iconic projects like the One World Trade Tower in NYC, The Encore, Planet Hollywood and the Cosmopolitan projects in Las Vegas and several major projects on the West Coast. Beatriz shares key moments that have shaped her path to construction, how she learned and grew within a multi-division, family owned business, developed processes that standardized how projects are dissected that ultimately made the “whole greater than the sum of its parts” . She also shares her unique story about her Venezualan heritage, the estimating unit she built and currently works there, culminating with her path to United States citizenship.

This interview will empower anyone listening to think big, rely on your work ethic, look beyond the noise, remain positive, enabling you to move ahead for all the right reasons. She also underscores the value of meaningful mentorship. Although soft-spoken, Beatriz remains a powerful force in our industry.

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