Interview with Raymond Picone Season 2 | Ep. 14

 In this episode, Dave interviews a long-time associate and friend Ray Picone who has been in the exterior wall business for over 40 years. Ray shares his story of how he grew in the business and how the business has evolved since the early days. From prefabricated EIFS panels to curtainwall and now onto rainscreen design, Ray has been busy throughout.


For the last several years, Ray has been involved in the “rainscreen” business. Ray explains the building science behind rainscreen façade design and why it is so popular today. He shares his experiences with the façade types like ACM, high performance concrete, fiber cement board, terracotta and others. 


Ray is a contractor at heart and details both the benefits of engaging in rainscreen as well as pitfalls should one not be prepared. 


Everyone from owner to intern will learn and enjoy this episode which is so very relevant in today’s construction.


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