Interview with Jeffrey Heymann Season 2 | Ep. 13

 In this episode, Dave interviews building envelope specialist Jeff Heymann, currently the Vice President of Building Envelope Solutions for MiTek and long since the business development point person for Benson Industries. Jeff shares his experience that begin as a small business owner to working for Benson Industries, long recognized as a leading curtainwall manufacturer in the US. 


In his understated way, Jeff describes what it takes to be a leader in the industry, iconic projects he has been associated with, mentors who have helped him and why many companies in the glass and glazing sector fail. Jeff explains in simple terms how and why the industry has embraced “unitized” curtainwall systems in lieu of stick-build walls and how the industry has evolved into “opaque” wall systems. He blends the story into why MiTek, a Berkshire Hathaway company purchased Benson and how they plan on scaling up their “One Wall” cold form metal framing system. 


Jeff makes it clear how technology has enhanced the manufacturer’s ability to build more “offsite” as well as where he thinks the industry is going.


By listening to this interview, everyone from owner to intern will be more prepared to take on the challenges of being a contractor and understand the industry and its future trends.

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