Interview with Darren Magarro Season 2 | Ep. 15

In this episode, Dave interviews Darren Magarro, President and Founder of DSM, a full-service marketing company based in New Jersey. Specializing in everything from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Social Media Marketing, Darren focuses on Branding in construction in this interview. 

Darren points out the many nuances of branding, how to properly achieve a strong brand, why it matters as well as some common mistakes many companies make in the process.

Darren relates to the family-owned quarry and how even an “old-line, successful business” recognized the need for high-level branding and its impact on the business.

Through his personal story, you will learn a lot about Darren and he grew through the business as the business grew. He talks about his strong “team dynamic” as the catalyst for success. 

You will want to hear how Darren “gives back” to those who have been an important part of his life. Everyone from owner to intern will enjoy Darren’s perspective on business, branding and life.

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