Growing Commercial Revenue (Season 2 | Ep. 9)

We all know there are several ways to grow your revenue in commercial construction. Assuming you have a successful line of business already, you can do more of the same and hope you don’t reach the point of diminishing returns. You can take what you’re good at and expand geographically. Or, you can add adjacent scopes of work that increase your revenue and profits on the same job with the same customers, all while making your company more valuable.

In this episode, Dave shares a way to grow your business intelligently, while drastically reducing the risk and learning curve often associated with doing something new. He outlines 4 distinct lines of business that you will find on almost every commercial job. Dave provides his insights on the nuances of each one and goes as far as breaking it down to “how many workers do you need to do $1M”. He discusses why it makes sense, what to look for and yes, what to avoid. 

The content Dave shares is simple but powerful, a dynamic for growing you business that will interest everyone from owner to intern. And for some, it will be a “Game Changer”.

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