Interview with Casey Robb (Season 2 | Ep. 10)

In this episode, Dave interviews Casey Robb, founder and CEO of C. F. Robb Consulting Services, Inc. Originally titled “Contemplating Change”, the episode name was renamed “Embracing Change”. We are all faced with change and depending on how we deal with it, makes us who we are. 


Casey shares his story that includes two basic types of change; forced and elective. There are things that happen and are out of one’s control making change inevitable. As Casey illustrates, he has always looked at the positive side and continued to learn and grow, despite what change was thrust upon him. He also made many decisions that have allowed him to move through the path he chose – “elective change”. Casey offers advice to people across the entire commercial construction spectrum on how to “embrace change” through a positive outlook which is both informative and refreshing. 


Casey agrees with the timeless cliché that “one is not measured by how they act when things are good, but rather how they act when times are tough”.  Everyone from owner to intern will enjoy the interview and learn from Casey. It just may change how you look at “change”.

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