Interview With Virginia and Scott Cameron Of The Cameron Group Season 3 Episode 5

Virginia (Ginny) is the CEO and Scott; her son is the President of the Cameron Group. The Cameron Group of companies is a specialty contractor providing everything from insulation in residential homes to insulation, firestop and rainscreen systems in commercial buildings. The company was started in 1907, yes that’s right, 1907, over 121 years ago.

Ginny represents the 3rd generation and Scott is the 4th. It’s inspiring to hear how Ginny grew in the business, starting at the bottom counting inventory and how that influenced Scott’s entry into the business. Ginny describes it as a good, honest business.

Scott talks about his respect for the installers and the staff in general. They couldn’t be more sincere. You will hear why they are successful in a family business and how they work together and the sacrifices they have made to continue to build a successful business.

They discuss why they continue to accept risk with new ventures, and it all makes sense.

For owners, you will hear what makes them successful, evolving through four generations when the likelihood for success in generation two is small. From the perspective of all others, you will hear their story and be inspired to be better at whatever you want to do!

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