Elevate the Industry- Business Development (Episode 12)

In this episode, Dave discusses the key components that make up effective Business Development. “It includes sales but is much more. Business development is preparing your business, both inside and out, to meet the needs of an evolving industry.” Dave speaks from experience as he was in charge of business development for the first 18 years of his career as the founder and builder of his own business. Since then, he has been the lead business development driver for companies ranging from $60M – $3B in annual revenue. Dave first highlights the need for a Master Plan, necessary to drive all important decisions, and why some companies are reluctant to build one. He compares how different companies execute sales and marketing and provides advice on what practices are now “dated” and what may work best for you. He drives home the value of professionalizing sales and marketing. He delves into project management and field control and their roles in effective business development. Dave reveals the single most important marketing tool every company has and how best to use it. Also, Dave touches on Finance/accounting, Human Resources, and IT and their respective roles that support profitable growth. If you’re an owner, this episode may cause you to reevaluate some important aspects of your business to evolve forward. If you’re a manager of a department or just getting started, this episode provides many helpful insights into how you can use effective business development to improve your company.

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