Building Relationships to Improve Sales (Season 2 | Ep. 3)

There is no stronger differentiator in sales than having strong relationships. Dave firmly believes that a strong relationship, if all else is equal, will put you in the best position for the award. Since most work is negotiated, customers have choices. “Why will they choose you”, he asks. Dave drills down into many practical ways to develop relationships and how “by giving customers what they want, you will get what you want”. Dave outlines the three phases of relationship building that starts with sincerely caring, what cues from the client to look for, how to leverage “deliverables” toward developing trust and maybe most important of all, how your “brand” impacts your ability to build lasting relationships. He also details a way to influence client interaction by tracking client “touches” in his RDP program. Dave discusses how one can self-evaluate and improve everything from dress and grooming to broadening your hobbies that will increase relatability.

Dave will pose a question to you at the end of the podcast that will sum up the message. What will your answer be?

Whether you’re in sales, manage a sales team, or simply want to improve your brand, this is a podcast for you.

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