Building a Better You Season 3 Episode 7

In this seriously introspective solo effort, Dave compares the ways and reasons structures are built with building the best version of oneself. This is, after all a construction podcast and the parallels are amazing. 

Dave begins the episode by assuring the listeners that he is a “work in progress” and has many of the same questions and struggles everyone does. His role here is to simply pose the right questions and offer some perspective that may be helpful to the listeners.

He walks you through phases of building a structure including design, strength, the need for a team and experience within the industry and compares it to how we “build ourselves”. Dave poses the big question, “Are you built with a purpose, or do you take it as it comes”. 

At the end of the episode, Dave shares a very personal moment, about the person he admires the most. You will not want to miss this.

For everyone who wants to improve as a person by building a better you, this is a special podcast for you.

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