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Who We Are

Adicorp Construction Services, LLC is a business consulting firm focusing on commercial construction. The company was founded by David Procida who has over 4 decades of experience in the industry and provides expertise in acquisition/sales, business development and the building envelope.

  Business Development

   Preparing Your Business For Eventual Sale

   Selling Your Business

“Adicorp Construction Services, LLC combines industry experience and trust to ensure the intelligent growth of your company”

Featured Podcast Episode

Interview With Landon Royals

Landon Royals, like many entrepreneurs, enjoyed his business, his people, his clients and his lifestyle. What he didn’t have was a plan that allowed him to get the money out of his business while remaining a vital part of its future. All that changed when he decided to “explore options” that would allow him to achieve his goals for him and his family.

The interview does a deep dive into the process of selling his business. Landon opens up about his initial concerns regarding the impact of the sale of his business on his employees, clients and eventual legacy. He discusses the sales process and life after for him as he is ready to “re-up” after over 2 years of working for the new owner.

He describes how Larry Regan, a principal at Source One Business Services, prepared his financials that maximized the valuation of the business.

Everyone who sells a business typically does it once. Landon admits he knows how to build a business but had no experience on how to sell one. He describes how Adicorp found and introduced the buyer and helped pave his path to a very challenging and fruitful future as the former owner of the business.

Whether you’re considering selling your business, thinking about preparing to sell, wondering about a viable exit plan or just interested in hearing his story, you will enjoy this interview.